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Glad to see you're getting better at this!

As a test, I feel this works great, and could be extended upon into a game. What makes this really good as well is that there are individual animations for lots of possible outcomes of the fight. Only problem is it needs to be harder.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Good animation, but the voice acting is a bit cheesy. The humor is nice and the animation is short, which goes with it. Good work.

Not too long or too short, and the animation is great for it's length. Good job.

AmaruCastro responds:

Really apreciated :D

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I enjoyed the idea behind this game, but here're some things that stopped me from playing any further:

- I think that the punishment for death is far too severe. It's enough that tougher enemies spawn and you lose a chance to fight equally matched opponents. To lose EXP on top of that is just frustrating and makes it far more difficult to fight next-day enemies.

- The game feels too decentralized. Wasn't sure what the point of it was after the tutorial. I got the impression that this is a survival game, but even then, some sense of direction would be nice.

- Although I like that you've added weight to the player's rotation, it's too unresponsive for a tight gameplay experience. Maybe reduce the easing factor so that the player rotates more quickly?

Anyways, again, I really like the idea behind this game. With some more polishing and a bit more depth, I would probably play it for a good amount of time :)

This game seemed interesting enough, but it doesn't really come together nicely as so. Using heartbeat sounds to guide the player wasn't so effective, because it was hard to navigate through the invisible maze and follow the sound at the same time. Having the maze be invisible also ended up frustrating me, because it got boring having to remember where each wall is. It wasn't a fun game altogether, with nothing pushing me to keep playing.

There's not much to review here. The game involves a lot of clicking and guessing where to click. That's all. I understand this is your first flash game uploaded to Newgrounds, and you spent quite a bit of time on it, but that doesn't mean you had to upload it. If you are telling yourself that your game is garbage, then you should understand that's what some people might view it as well.

It's not garbage. It's a good first flash game, and I'm glad you've shown interest in using Flash, but this work isn't really something lots of people would enjoy to play. I know this review might discourage you, and that's fine. If you're dedicated enough to keep improving, you won't be seeing this again.

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Oooh man, this is really lovely. I liked the chorus a lot, but I think the intro/bridges had me more captivated. In particular 0:33-0:56 and 2:47-3:29. The bell-sounding instrument within those segments is so nice in the small doses that it's included. Thanks for sharing :D


Wow this just takes me to another place! Thanks for sharing this!

P.S. even my cat is in a trance!



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How ironic would this be if the ship's crew was aiming to kill the giant octopus monster and they never once bothered to look down...

FarturAst responds:

hahaha :D

That's freakin' awesome

By its self it's great, but add on the fact that you did this with MS paint and its perfect :D

His face is a bit too flat...

Otherwise, great drawing, matches the vault boy a lot :)

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