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I'm starting to make art :D

2010-09-12 19:53:16 by Krymtel

So I was really bored and when I'm bored I'll do anything and THIS is what I got out of boredom :D

Im Alive!

2009-10-30 15:26:04 by Krymtel

Hey guys, I don't have swine flu anymore, so now i can finally continue with my random stuff but KMOD 3 CANT BE OPENED. IT'S FUCKING LOCKED. If you don't know what the hell KMOD is check it out, it's a mod for Madness Interactive. Anyone have any suggestions on how to "unlock" the file? Thanks.


2009-10-01 17:29:20 by Krymtel

HEY GUYS! I FINALLY KNOW HOW TO ADD MY OWN SOUND FILE TO MADNESS! KMOD 3 is not as pointless as I thought it would be :D

P.S. If you don't know what KMOD is, check it out! It's a mod for Madness.


Taking Tutorials...

2008-07-27 15:25:41 by Krymtel

Taking Flash Tutorials... It's boring as hell, although I do want to know how to use Flash. Oh, and here's a little something I did with my spare time.

Taking Tutorials...